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Hello! Sveiki!

lietuviškas Apie skyrelis

You are visiting blog about some great ideas how to paint not only with brushes, DIY, where to go when there is no time and strength to go very far, about benefits of time spent with children and creativity, there will be some theories and some practices and everything is tested by our daily life.

About me:

Thank You to photographers Indrė and Šarūnas

I‘m mother of three curious very alike and also very different boys. I was studying ceramics in different ways (club, school, contests etc.) for ten years. After I have lead some ceramics activities for disabled people and children. I have studied pedagogic and public administration, but all my time and attitude was given to children and youth from families with social difficulties. I was one of the leaders in some girl group where we were using a photo therapy methods for creating a some interesting content, trusty atmosphere and relationship with girls from social risk families. While working social work I understood how it is important to give people a time. Everyone is in need. And at first it is time for talking, listening and just to be there. Time is precious and gold worth. When I became a mother this thought was supplemented by new experiences.

Su vaikais (with children) philosophy:

Time with children can‘t be replaced with some other substitutes. Little ones (I think grownups also) are in need of acceptance, love and sincerely words. Creativity is one of the most important skills that can be developed from the early childhood and have very strong effect on our lives. We create relationship, look for problem solving and we can do it in a very creative or in a regular way. Creativity gives us more tools and ways to live our daily life. I combine two segments in me blog, 1.  time with children, and 2. develop creativity. That is how it came creative time with children.

This creative time is revealed by respect to child’s curiosity, his learning and aspiration to achieve more knowledge and more skills, culture of communication with child etc.

While sharing the ideas with others I find it very positive experience. Sometimes it is not matter if I try some idea for painting because I want it or child need it or other motif. The main thing is to try, to find new experience and to spend positive time together. Joy of being and positive time, some kind of proximity are very big and powerful.

The main themes:

If You want to share some ideas, if You have questions or advises, please, don‘t hesitate and choose the best way to contact me from Contacts column.

Thank You to photographers Indrė and Šarūnas

Su vaikais – come in and stay!

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  1. Thank you for following my journey in life. I love what you have said in your “about me.“ What great lessons you’ve learned in life – and are now instilling in your own and sharing with the world. Keep it up!

    Paspaudė "Patinka": 1 person

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